Monday, 24 September 2012

Day 5 Of 10 Day Yoga Challenge: I'm Half way!!

Well holy cow!!

I know yesterday I said I was pleasantly suprised with Bikram- WOAH!
I just got my arse kicked!!

It was very challenging today- but also amazing!

Today's practise reminded me that I need to switch off my ego mind and get into my body and most importantly- to be kind to myself!

It also made me think of all the newbies that are getting into yoga.

If it's really challenging- thats FINE!

Your body will get better at it, you just need to remember to be kind to yourself, breathe during yoga and turn off the negative and self doubting thoughts circling your head.

Your negative thoughts are all made up by YOU and only you can switch them off.
This can strangely be one of the hardest things to do as a human. YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Also, if your getting into a hot yoga practise, don't be suprised if you start having detox symptoms- this is the yoga doing it's job. Just take it easy and have an extra fresh juice or smoothie each day to top up nutrients.

Also also also... get some coconut water!!
If you dont have time to get it at the shops (safeway & wholefood stores), you can purchace some at the yoga studio- although it will be twice the price!

Drink more water than usual and also drink mineral water to top up your salts and minerals!


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