Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Eating is fun

So, after my black bean rant yesterday, I wanted to share this reciepe that make me equally happy- it's blackbean spaggetti!!! yum yum yummm!!

This was such a delight to make, I was starving and looking forward to a super quick, super delicious meal. Whilst my 'pasta' was cooking (which only took a couple of mins), I went foraging in my garden and picked a mix of greens, spinage, rocquet, cos lettuce, silverbeet, parsley- but I starred the beautiful Boc Choy,  aka Pac Choy!!!
Boc Choy is a cruciferous veggie which means it's great for fighting against and preventing cancer.  Cruciferous  cruciferous veggies are also sooooo good for your liver! 

I washed and chopped my greens ready to stir into to my drained, warm pasta- so although my veg was lovely and warm, it was still lovely and raw.
Straight after draining I added a tablespoon of coconut oil, which melted nicely, I seasoned with sea salt mmmm

This dish would be awesome with chilli flakes and toasted seeds and nuts and a squeeze of lemon- I was craving a simpler version which was sooo satisfying!

*If you can't finck black bean spaggetti, you could always use japanese buckwheat noodles mmmm



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