Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Let's Get To Know The Green Smoothie!

Let's get to know the green smoothie a little better hey?

I've been telling you all how amazing they are for your health, reminding you to have at least one daily (for breakfast and snack- or any meal!!) and I've been telling you how amazingly quick they are to make.

But, Tegan, how does one make a green smoothie??

Well- thats very easy!!

Basically you need a base of green veg, some fruit, liquid and super food seasoning!!
You pop everything into a blender and blend. (you could use a stick bender if you dont have a blender).


The brilliance of smoothies is you're getting a great dose of raw fruit and veg, which will actually be absorbed into your system straight away!!
The blending process breaks down the plants, so your still getting the amazing fibre from your veg (juicing removes the fibre) but it's made easy for your body to digest from the blitzing!!
Green veg are super high in chlorophyll- which is great for alkalizing your body and will keep you super healthy, fight cancer and give your heaps of energy.

Mixed with the fruit of your choice will make these babies taste as though your having a naughty treat- but they're so uber good for you.

My usual smoothie has:

handful of kale chopped
handful of other mixed greens- sometimes celery, silverbeet, boc choy, wombok etc.
1 banana
1 lime
rice milk in the morning- coconut water or mineral water in the arvo
chia seeds
hemp seeds
cashew spread
sometimes nuts and seeds
sometimes oats
sometimes raw cocoa powder.

Drink it in from a glass or pour into a bowl and garnish with supefood goodies*!!
*I sprinkle hemp seeds & raw cacao beans, or the latest superfood bikkie I've baked.
You could garnish with any berrie, fruit, seeds, herbs, spices etc.

ANY green veg can be used as your base.
ANY fruit & liquid (as long as its fresh!!) can be used to fill.
And ANY superfood can be added to jazz it up!

So get creative!!

People get concerned about adding fruit to veg juices and smoothies- if it's a green smoothie- it doesn't matter- they blend well with anything, it wont upset your body and ALL nutrients WILL be absorbed!!

What are you waiting for!!??

Get blending.

Whats your favourite green smoothie mix??
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I'd love for you to share with us all -  awesome green smoothie inspiration!!


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