Monday, 8 October 2012

Creamy, Cheesy Asparagus Linguini: Raw, Vegan, Gluten free & Yum

Hands up those of you who love cheesy creamy goodness???


One of my favourite past times is making toasted sandwhiches with 4 cheeses :) I do not do that any more!!

I am gluten & wheat sensitive (luckily I am not Celiac).- I get bad ezcema instead.
Sometimes I crave a lovely bowl of pasta with nothing but cheese and oil.
I choose not to eat dairy because it's so bad for you... so what do I do??

Well, I get my fix from rice pasta, quinoa pasta or blackbean spaghetti. There are MANY more alternatives- but these are my current favourites and also very good for you.
If you head to a healthfood or wholefood veggie store, there will be plenty to choose from- have a look!!
Also, if you can get your hands on a spiralizer, you can create pasta from raw zuccini and other yummy veggies!!!

The warm weather has left me craving quick, fresh & healthy foods, so I've created a raw, vegan, gluten free linguini that will satisfy all your cheesey pasta-ry needs and give you a dose of lovely raw asparagus too!

Asparagus!!! The green beauty, is so ABSOLUTELY good for you!

Studies show that asparagus help to balace your insulin levels, which helps to prevent diabetes and is a natural diuretic which helps to form urine in the kidneys, which aids is cleansing and detoxing.
Aspargus is packed with folate which helps your body during the early stages of pregnacy and also helps to reduce the risk of birth defects by helping the nervous system to develop beautifuly. Asparagus is also a cancer fighting veg and is also great for your heart, helps to fight depression and will also put you in a good mood, lowers cholesterol, is super high in antioxidants, is anti fungal and antivial, stimulates milk producing in nursing mothers, cleanses your kidneys, prevents urinary tract infection, helps treat HIV and prevent MS, has anti cancer properties that will especially combat lung cancer, energizes and fights chronic fatigue, will naturally lower blood pressure, helps prevent balding AND is on the top of the list of alkaline foods!!

Pretty cool hey!

Lucky I created a lovely rich and creamy raw asparagus for you hey??


What you need:

as much asparagus as you want ribboned (with a potato peeler)
red raddish shaved (with potato peeler)
1/2 avo
1/2 cup soaked cashews (at least 4 hrs)
1/2 lemon
1/3 cup savoury yeast flakes (or more if you want it cheesier!)
drizzle oil
pinch of salt

What you do:

Pre soak your cashews (overnight or in the morning)- make sure you give them a good rinse after draining soaking liquid.
Pop cashews, avo, lemon, yeast flakes, a dizzle of oil and a pinch of salt into a food processor- blitz to your desired creamyness.

In a mixing bowl ribbon your asparagus and raddish, give a tiny drizzle of oil and tiny pinch of salt. Plop the cheesy mix on top- not all, enough to coat well.

Mix. EAT.

Thats it!! very quick and satisfying.

The cheese mix would be great served as a drip, as cheese sauce or on and other pasta dish... I'm now craving quinoa pasta with this sauce so it goes all melty!!


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