Tuesday, 25 September 2012

The Incredible Cacao

Yes.... You will enjoy this post. 
It's all about how good the cacao bean is for you! 
That's the chocolate bean, yes!

What you might not like me saying, is that eating commercial milk chocolate, with high amounts of refined sugars are very very very bad for you (but I hope you already new that!).

I have organic raw caco almost everyday!
It is a superfood and amazing for an injection of vitamins and minerals when you're on set or performing. 

I love adding cacao powder to my smoothies, my raw snack bars, in warm rice milk for my hot coco :) and I love chewing on raw cacao nibs on set (you can get these from organic wholefood & health food stores).

The incredible health benefits of eating organic raw cacao are:

The antioxidant levels are MEGA! Raw organic cacao has 14 more times antioxidants than red wine, 21 more times than green tea, 7 more times than dark chocolate and contains 621 anti-oxidants!! (for comparison, blueberries have 32)

Cacao is choc packed with magnesium! Magnesium aids the absorption of calcium and maintains a healthy heart, aids muscle function and helps relax muscles which also prevents cramping- great for yoga and action films!! YAY to stunt work! - also helps menstual cramps!

It's incredibly high in vitamin C, keeps us alert and increases focus, contains no sugar and has a lower fat content compared to most nuts.