Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Soup of the week: Hippopotamus Soup

Well actually.. The title of this Soup is Hippocrates Soup. I just like the sound of hippopotamus soup. It's a bit silly :)

This soup is not a creation of mine. I found it when I was researching nutrition and detoxing a few months ago on 'The Wellness Warrior'.

It was a part of a two day liquid detox- which I only felt like doing for one day, to give my tummy and digestion a rest. (we use a huge amount of energy digesting food.. this is a kind detox that completely pumps your body full of nutrients and gives your digestion a rest).

On the site, 'The Wellness Warrior' talks about her experience with curing herself of cancer by delving into a 2 yr progam, known as 'Gerson Therapy'.

Gerson Therapy cures cancer with a rigid regime of using only certian types of organic whole foods. Plus much much more.. but I wont go into it now.. if you're keen to learn more, get on over to www.thewellnesswarrior.com.au (you will also find the 2 day detox there!)

The point of this blog today for me is, Gerson states that there are certian foods that you should eat every day to keep cancer away. This soup is eaten by the patients twice a day, everyday for two years!

It's gotta be good for you right!

I fell in love with this soup. Its packed full of veggies and you can really feel it doing you good.

I like to make this soup once a month as my 'soup of the week' because its very simple and nourishing and lasts quite a while due to its volume.

This makes it perfect to freeze half if you want a back up for when your in the mist of chaos running from rehealsals, to an audition, to a show, to set etc etc.

I also find that this soup is perfect to use as a veggie stock in other soups or in a rissotto.


What you need:

1 kilo of tomatoes, diced
1/2 kilo of white potatoes, diced
2 small leeks- or one large, chopped
2 med onions, chopped
4 stalks of celery, chopped
garlic to taste

What to do:

Wash all the veggies. Chop. Pop in a big pot. Cover with water. Cook on a really low heat for 2 hours (this preserves all of the nutrients). I you dont have the time, it should only take about 30 mins to cook on a higher heat.

Blitz. Serve.

Thats it!

Because I sometimes use this soup as a stock, I only season when serving.

I like to serve this baby with a sheet of torn up dry sea weed and baby celery.
If theres something like black beans or lentils in my fridge, I'll add that with some peas!

Feel free to add any extra veggie, season the way you feel- personanilse this Hippo!