Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Balancing The Actors Body: Shiatsu

When I have a really full on character or if I'm in a play that's either physically draining or really emotionally draining- I really need a Shaitsu massage.

The massage realigns my body, chakras and energy flow. Also any muscle memory still clinging onto the character is disolved away.

If I have a big audition coming up that I want to be calm and centered for, again shiatsu is a great tool for tuning the body.

Shiatsu is a wonderful treatment for anyone! 
It treats depression, hayfever, ezcema, headaches, stress, PMS, constipation, poor digestion, back pain, neck pain, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue, recovery from injuries, arthritis pain, helps regulate menstual cycle and deeply relaxes you.

The word shiatsu means 'finger pressure' and like acupuncture, shiatsu is based on chinese medicine where illness or dis-ease is thought to be from the imbalance of the natural energy flow through the body, which is called qi (chee).

Shiatsu calms an overactive sympathetic nervous system which improves circulation, releaves muscles and melts away your stress!

Its amazing- treatments go for an hour and you feel well and truly loved by the end of the treatment.

I highly recommend using shiatsu as a form of treatment and to aid your body with your characters and work.

I live in Fitzroy, so I go to for treatment- but if you google shiatsu- many practitioners will pop up in your local area.


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